Avery Poulin

Nerd Alert! I am a grade 7 math and science teacher. Prairie girl at heart. I love the wide open space and farm lifestyle. However my recent move to AB (3 years) really spiked my interest for the mountains. I really like pushing myself physically and feeling the reward at the end. Very similar to claiming a mountain. It’s hard work and can be scary at times but the reward at the end with the views that make you feel so small and insignificant just can’t be beat! ⠀

To this day as an adult I love doing things out in nature. There is such a sense of freedom that you just can not find anywhere else!! I hope that I continue to lead an outdoor life and can help my future (long time in the future) kids experience this same love and joy that I was able to experience. For now my son Doug (dog) will live it up in the outdoors. I think he likes it almost as much as me haha..

IG: @Aves_Poulin

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