Ben Bowler

I started skiing at the age of 4-years-old and since then the mountains have gripped my imagination. Learning to slide down a slope on skis, then later on a snowboard brought me sensations of freedom and an outlet for expression. There was a whole world out there full of beauty, danger, excitement and possibility. Those snow covered peaks that touched the sky were the perfect playground for a wild young man. As I got older, the feelings only grew in intensity. I became obsessed with snowboarding, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing and mountain biking – any excuse to be in the mountains. Now, as a father and husband, things look a little different. I still get out regularly, but fatherhood shifted my focus from my own experiences to those of my two boys. Time spent together in the mountains allows me to share my passions with them. Nature has proven a wonderful classroom to learn about the world around us, how to care for it and to strive to incorporate adventure into each day.
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