Brittney Broughton

Brittney Broughton I’m Brittney! Most of my friends call me Brit or BB. I grew up on a farm in Central Alberta (practically 1 hour from any city - pretty much in the middle of no where). And LOVED every minute of it. Always spent my days exploring our cow pastures on foot or on horseback. My family used to go on lots of camping trips to the mountains - which was usually a minimum 4 hour drive. And that is where my love of the mountains was born. We always joked that it was like boot camp when ever we would go to the mountains with my family because there was no relaxing - other than around the campfire at the end of the day. Camping meant either an all day hike or minimum 30km bike ride through the mountains. That is probably the reason I don’t “relax” very often! About 6 years ago I moved to Red Deer, AB which is a little bit closer to the mountains and I take full advantage of being within a 2-3 hour drive of endless amounts of hikes and outdoor activities. This past year I have found a new love for sunrise hikes which means I wake up around 1 am, start hiking in the dark and am usually up on top of a mountain watching a sunrise at 7am. There is seriously nothing more amazing! In September, I took the leap and quit my full time office job and started my own bookkeeping and lash extension business. This has allowed me to create my own schedule and to make mountain adventures a priority - weekday adventures have been my new favorite thing! The mountains are truly my happy place. I have always had a strong connection with nature and animals. Some of my favorite activities are: hiking, biking, horseback riding, lake surfing, rock climbing, running and playing just about any sport. If it includes getting outside or being active - count me in! If you are ever craving a spontaneous, last minute adventure. I am your girl! Always ready to go explore our beautiful backyard in the Rocky Mountains.
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