Caitlyn Phillips

Hey y’all! I work in construction management, building is a passion of mine. My other passion? Being outdoors and exploring!

I love the outdoors and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether that’s at home working on the acreage, out and about with my golden retriever, at the gym, quadding, enjoying the lake with friends or exploring the mountains. In the last couple years I’ve really found myself being drawn to the mountains. There’s a peace that comes to me being surrounded by the mountains, breathing in that fresh air...that’s where the adrenaline rush starts. I find myself driving through the mountains and looking up only to think “how can I hike up there?” Or “man that looks like a good shoot with some wicked powder to ride down.” 

In the winters you can find me skiing resorts and more recently the backcountry. Summers I’m working on my parents acreage gardening, at the lake with friends or out hiking the mountains. I’m newer to long hikes. Last summer I hiked Berg Lake in a day...insane experience! There is no better feeling than pushing yourself and finally getting to the summit. Views are amazing and you’ll never regret it! 

If you’re ever wondering if you should go out and explore the mountains or nature...the answer is yes, absolutely! It’s a happy place!


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