Carlee Hendrix

My love for the mountains started at a young age, I’ve always loved how grande and large they are in comparison to everything else. Standing on top of a peak, looking out into the great beyond of endless mountains and rock gives me peace. It makes me realize how small my problems down on the ground really are and it give me a new perspective every time. I’ve never felt something that sets me free like I do in the mountains. The cold, fresh, crisp winds, the snow you find near the tops, the endless trees and water flowing down. Those are just a few of the things that light my soul on fire! 

Hiking has always been my absolute favourite activity! Last winter, I set out on a mission to learn to snowboard as well so I am able to enjoy the mountains all year! I’m happy to say my efforts paid off and I spent the majority of my winter on different hills, learning my new hobby! Some other activities/ hobbies I enjoy are long boarding, kayaking, camping, reading and crocheting! I’m always down for adventure and learning so this allows me to pick up new hobbies and learn new skills frequently! 

I am currently a certified personal trainer and I run an online training business that helps other women find the passions for health and fitness that I have! Taking my business online has been an amazing journey and has allowed me to enjoy my life more! I’m able to travel, explore and get the most out of my life rather than being held to a 9-5 office job like I have had in the past. This has given me freedom and for that I’m forever thankful.

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