Daena Bamford

Daena Bamford
Just another Kiwi girl travelling the world. 
Many people think I’m crazy for moving away from home in NZ to come to Canada, but those people haven’t been able to enjoy the rockies like I have so far. Since moving here over 4 years ago I’ve fallen in love with the snow. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be in -40 weather. But after travelling around the world alone for a few months I felt Canada was the place for me to be, and I haven’t look back since. 
The hiking, scrambles, mountain biking, snowboarding and the split boarding, along with my cute GSP puppy Sadie and partner are what keep me here. Living in Canmore I am beyond blessed to be able to go do the above almost any day of the week outside of work. Working as a Quality Control lead at Rocky Mountain Soap Co, I feel lucky to be supported by locals who are passionate about what they do and where they are and encourage me to be outside as much as I can- not that I need encouragement. 
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