Emilia Herrera

Hi! I’m Emilia. If I had one quote to describe me it would be “find me where the wild things are!” Originally born in Argentina and living in Alberta most of my life the mountains became a big part of me. You can often find me hiking, fly fishing, camping, back country skiing, mountain biking and road biking! Camping trips out in the mountains are probably my favourite. I enjoy sitting around a campfire, surrounded by the mountains while listening to the crackling of the fire. I am often joined on my adventures by my partner who has taught me a lot of what I know about fly fishing! When I am not exploring outdoors I enjoy painting and creating art! Working from home with AHS gives me the freedom to explore on the weekends and there isn’t a weekend I take for granted out in the mountains! I am so grateful that the mountains are my backyard and for all of my adventures. I hope to inspire you to get out and explore alongside me!
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