Holly Kelly

My name is Holly, and I live by a small town north of Calgary. I am a Psychology student with a passion for all things outdoors. I believe there is something about the wilderness and physical activity that promotes mental healing. I feel I have experienced it first hand! I’m a highly active person who will do anything physically challenging (just try to tell me I can’t do something and I’ll set out to prove you wrong 😉). My main favourite activity is running. I spend most of my weekly long runs doing a trail run that either leads me to the summit of a mountain, a waterfall, lake, or up a ridge! Plus trail running has been vital for marathon training. I love to spend copious hours out hiking and love planning hikes for my spouse and I to go on, or hikes to take a friend on. I am also known for always planning back packing or camping trips. I have two dogs who join me on weather/terrain permitting hikes who absolutely love the adventures as much as I do. I have two horses that I haul out to the mountains to go out on the equestrian trails too! I’m into anything that revolves around being outdoors, some of my other favourites are cycling, snowboarding, climbing/scrambling, and photography. My indoor enjoyments are reading, writing/researching or painting. I’m the annoying person in the car who knows the names of each mountain, and I’ll be sure to tell you which is which… and probably a fun fact about them. I never arrive at a trail head underprepared and I always pack various snacks. My favourite trail snack is honey stinger waffles (salted caramel flavour).
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