Janmay Nicol

Hi I am Janmay. I was born in the Philippines and moved here 6 years ago. I am a Registered Nurse here in Alberta. When I am not at work you can definitely find me in the mountains. I love hiking, cycling and camping.  Nursing is my profession but photography is my passion. I love landscape and wildlife photography. I share my passion with my boyfriend Brendan. We both share ideas and learn from each other. When he is away for work, I usually go hiking with my girl friends. I am so blessed to have friends who have the same hobby as me. In my 6 years of exploring the Canadian Rockies, I have met and inspired a lot of people to go out and be active. I share my adventures on instagram. I am hoping that by posting photos of nature I could inspire more women around the world to be healthy and be with nature more. Happy trails! 

IG: @thisisjanmay

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