John Neibrandt

After never travelling beyond the prairie provinces until age 17, leaving home to play hockey in British Columbia ignited a passion for travel and adventure that refuses to subside.


Since then, nearly a decade has passed. Each year has been filled with impulsive travels with friends and family. In my mind, any occasion is an opportunity to create the perfect adventure. Sometimes these self-made, self-guided tours go as planned like when I watched the sun rise over an active volcano in Antigua, Guatemala or when I experienced the underwater world, diving with sharks, rays, turtles and sea lions in the Galápagos Islands.


Other times I’ve found myself with food poisoning on a 15 hour bus trip through Ecuador. Or stuck on a deserted island after haggling with a boat taxi driver over a couple pesos and refusing to pay “tourist prices” in Cartagena, Colombia (he got the last laugh). Come to think of it, only the last two stories were self guided!


Well, I’ll take the good with the bad and If I ever invite you on johnnyneibs tour, run, run away very fast! (You’ve been warned)


I believe these experiences will be stories that I tell my grandchildren one day, hopefully about what I believe was a life well lived.



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