Justine Zarowny

The outdoors mean so much to me because it's a place where I am my true self. I have no worries and am truly content. I'm not worried about the things I cannot control and I just focus on appreciating what is around me. It allows me to be present and I thrive in moments in nature. My mountain love is a little different because back in Saskatchewan, you wouldn't say there are mountains. But the rolling hills in Southern Sask are special "mountains" to me and climbing them as a kid was my favourite thing to do. Even now, when I go down to visit my grandparents I always have to explore the "rocky mountains", otherwise known as The Big Muddy. The mountains fill me with a sense of adventure and accomplishment. They make me feel so small yet on top of the world. It's a special feeling that I cherish. Just looking at them gets me amped up, but being able to explore them is a true gift.
Some of my favourite hobbies are running, photography, hiking, camping, rock climbing, and biking. Anything outdoors and active are my two big interests. 
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