Lindsey Thompson

Lindsey Thompson

I’m am a small town prairie raised farm girl that was constantly dreaming of adventure. In 2006 I moved to Calgary and soon realized that the mountains were right in our back yard. 

It’s in the mountains that I was able to escape and find myself. 

My partner and I are currently raising two fierce little girls to be as wild as possible. From exploring our own back yard to Revelstoke or “revy stoke” (as our girls like to call it) in the winters to camping in the summers you can always catch us outside. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my children enjoy nature as much as we do! It’s not always easy with kids but its so worth it! 

When not exploring you can find me working as a Registered Nurse in the operating room. A work life balance is a must and nursing has given me the freedom to work hard and play harder! 

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