Lori Dawn


Lori Dawn

Just a Sask girl living in a BC world.

Hi! My name is Lori and I'm a lover of all things outdoors.  

Growing up in Sask, I spent a lot of time outside..specifically on the ball diamond.  Upon completing high school, I packed my bags and got on a plane to Texas for a full ride University Softball scholarship.  Shortly after arriving home, I met the love of my life and off to B.C. we went!

During that 12 hour drive, in a car packed to the brim, I knew this place would be life changing.  Beautiful British Columbia--I was in awe that this was my new home.  I've now been exploring this incredible province since 2016 alongside my husband and our fur-baby Tav. 

My favorite outdoor activities include: Overland camping, hiking, paddleboarding, longboarding, skiing, mountain biking and Spartan Races -basically if it’s outside, I’m in!

I’ve learned a few things during my explorations such as the sheer beauty and power of a waterfall, the magic of a night spent under the stars and that a beer tastes the best once you reach the summit- nothing like water with some barley and hops!

I love to push myself both physically and mentally in the mountains and I’m always looking forward to the next adventure. 

"Blessed are the curious for they shall always have adventure - Lovelle Drachman”

IG: loridawn19


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