Madisonne McKenzie

Madisonne McKenzie

Growing up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, I was never blind to the beauty of my small town or the beauty of the mountains. It’s where I used to be able to find my peace, a quick drive into a no- service zone and a sit by the river could solve any problem.

 Now, it’s where my whole family finds peace. Where my husband and I choose to go on a beautiful day off, where we can let our kids run and explore and learn, where our hound dogs get to sniff and sniff to their hearts content. And we still get to take in all the peacefulness and beauty of the area.

 As a mom & busy photographer, I find that most of my time is spend documenting love, families, couples, my own kids, our friends, and the fact that I get the capture that all in the most beautiful places on earth is just my little cherry on top.

 IG- @madisonnedphotography

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