Mandi Fusaro Smith

Hi, I’m Mandi! I have been lucky to call the mountains my home for all of my life. I grew up hiking and camping in the Rockies.

I try and get out to the mountains as often as I can. I love spending my free time hiking and summiting mountains.

The beautiful thing about hiking and summiting mountains is that it’s beautiful the entire time. The terrain changes, the views get more breathtaking, the climb is hard but worth it. Much like life at times.

Hiking makes me test my limits not only physically but mentally, it’s allowed me to see the greater perspective. No matter what happens, nature is always there, it keeps being, it keeps giving me purpose.

I found myself again in the mountains and continue to get in touch with my strengths and heal my soul.

I am a certified Field Leader (hiking) with the Outdoor Council of Canada, I hope to one day lead others into the mountains to make their souls happy.

IG- mandihikes


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