Matt Wild

I am a lifelong adventurer who spends most of my free time outdoors... from running, biking, hiking, backpacking, and camping, all the way to kayaking, and even surfing. My personal mission over the past decade has been to find the balance between managing the demands of day to day life with exploring the wild. I was born and raised just outside Toronto, however, I have lived all over North America. I am a dual citizen with Canada and the USA so that has made living all over North America a lot easier. I work in ecommerce and I mostly work from home so that has also helped support my adventure lifestyle. I also dabble in photography, and I am learning to play the guitar. Currently I call Vancouver home, beautiful ocean views and mountains in my backyard, how could I not? My goal is to inspire others to get outside, live a healthy life, and push themselves (maybe even out of your comfort zone) to experience all of the amazing beauty and adventure this world has to offer. IG: @mattoutwild
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