Nicole Byrne

Full time paramedic firefighter, part time outdoor enthusiast! 
Whether it’s a double/triple/quad summit kind of day, or simply a quick race up the mountain i am up for whatever adventure involves time spent outside. I have been falling more and more in love with the mountains every time i go, and my level of training keeps letting me push my boundaries. 
I absolutely love fitness, and when i’m not in the mountains i am obstacle course racing (Spartan race & X warrior challenge) all over north america!
I have made so many new friends and like minded people while exploring my backyard, i just want every one to feel that welcomed and always want to be that friendly face on the trail ! Whether running, hiking, or biking through the mountains i always try and say hi & smile, can’t wait to see you out there exploring our beautiful backyard ✌🏻♥️🏔
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