Nicole Perreaux

Nicole Perreaux

I grew up a Principal’s daughter in small town Saskatchewan and played on multiple sports teamsWhile I lived at the gym, the rink, and the baseball diamonds, I loved to play outside with my friends. Every summer I spent camping with my family and friends in Moose Mountain Provincial Park, which is ironic since there are no mountains around. I moved out to Calgary in 2008 and made my first trip to the Rockies where I fell in love with the mountain air. I feel lucky to live so close to the mountains and be able to spend time hiking, snowshoeing, camping and paddle boarding. 

I am a High School Teacher with the Rockyview School Division and teach in a specialized program for students with Mental Health. My passion for Physical & Outdoor Education allows me to teach and coach students how to be active and spend time in the outdoors. To take care of my own Physical, Mental and Spiritual health, I live on my paddle board in the summer. I am a SUP instructor and recently started an Academic, Holistic & Shamanic Coaching business to support youth and women to find their inner wild through their connection to nature.  

I know the strength and bravery it takes to be wild and to push through adversity. I am excited to be a part of the Mountain Life Explorers team! 

IG: @wander_wild_coach 

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