Sonja Langejans

Sonja Langejans

My favourite city view, is the one in my rear view mirror, as I head for the mountains. I grew up exploring the forests in rural Alberta. Days were filled with building snow quinzees, forts, dirt biking, fishing and visiting local swimming holes. The older I got the more enamoured I became with camping. I love the simplicity of laying in my tent, on the forest floor, listening to the wind in the trees, and the rushing of water in a nearby stream. In the more recent past I’ve become an avid hiker and backpacker. There’s something truly magical about carrying your house on your back, and disappearing into the wilderness for days. I’ve made some amazing friends along the way, and love to share my wealth of knowledge, excitement and wonderment of nature, with anyone looking to try hiking and/or backpacking.

Today my basecamp is in Airdrie, Alberta with my family. I’m married to my best friend and together we have 3 beautiful kids, 2 spoiled dogs and a tarantula. (I also own a needy sourdough starter named Carrie Breadshaw, which I feel qualifies as a pet). When I’m not exploring new trails, I can be found on dog walks, family camping, canoeing, gardening, or riding bikes with my kids. In the winter I enjoy snowshoeing, ice walks, and tenting with my Scout troop.

I’m a natural born entrepreneur, and I love to focus my skills on helping families. The most rewarding “job” I currently do is the work of a car seat tech (CPST). As a mom who takes her littles on great adventures, I love that I can help other parents transport their tiny explorers safely. I also volunteer as a Scout troop leader with my son’s Scout troop; and together we have gone on some epic adventures! In 2021 I’ve embarked on a new journey, and have begun to train as an official hiking guide. I’m excited to see where this trail leads!

IG: @SonjaInTheWild

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