Svenja Espenhahn

A German flatlander living her mountain dreams Originally from the German flatlands, I fell in love with Canada during a study abroad term. In 2018, my dream of one day living in Canada came true and since then, I've been living among the breathtaking Rockies where I get my daily fix of mountain running and adventuring. I savour spending time in some of the most epic and majestic landscapes imaginable - thick forests, raging rivers, cool glaciers and towering mountains. There is something about the magnitude, beauty and vastness of nature that fully engulfs and is this liberating and inspiring reminder that the world we live in is so much more than just us. Besides running, I've also come to like the long winters in Canada by embracing backcountry and skimo skiing and I love bunnies (hopefully explains my instagram handle ;-) IG: thehareruns
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