Fullerton Loop – Bragg Creek (Easy)

2-3 hours
7.4 KM
Elevation: 350m
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Well. This hike wasn’t on the to do list. It wasn’t even no the radar! In fact, we were headed out to do Moose Mountain, which we did not do our research and the fire road leading to the trail head is closed until May 15th. So we thought we would attempt Nahahi Ridge though Elbow Falls campground. Closed till May 15th. So as we parked with 250 other cars heading up to Prairie Mountain… We decided that it wasn’t the peaceful mountain hike we wanted to do today, and headed back towards Bragg Creek. Thanks to All Trails we quickly located hikes near by and came across Fullerton Loop! Although it was also fairly busy, it was not nearly as busy as Prairie Mountain. And so we began!

We started with a fairly snowy trail, and than quickly entered some seriously muddy conditions and some icy run off! But the trail has such mild elevation it was at no concerns and we slowly made our way through. Keep in mind this trail was done in middle April, so its not always like this. But if your looking for a spring trail or low avi risk in the winter, it might be a good option!

The trail is a loop, we completed it counter clockwise. So we didn’t have a view until the very end. I would be impartial as too which way to do it, either direction has its advantages! Quick rewarded walking up towards the view. Or heading through the trees crossing a few bridges over creeks and heading into the view!

Although this is not my favourite hike, I would highly recommend it for beginners, kids, grandparents or anytime you just want to go for a nice nature walk! Its pretty quick. We REALLY took our time and just enjoyed the much needed sunshine. There were lots of dogs on the trail. I was informed they are allowed off leash.. But I would look into it just to be sure. I personally do not like having my pup off leash as we are in bear/cougar territory. And although the trail is very popular, especially this time of year, I would never forgive myself if something happened! But to each there own! Its a great trail for the dogs as it reminds in the tree line so no scrambling or scree.

This is a trail that would require minimal gear. Water, lunch, even runners would be ok (although I always recommend an ankle boot as you never know when your going to step the wrong way). But its not a trail you need to really prepare for! Just enjoy the fresh air!!

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