Powderface East Ridge (Moderate)

Moderate – Easy trail, steep incline
3-4 hours return
Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring
Hike, Trail Run, Bike, Snowshoe

Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada


Well, what a good bang for your buck this trail was! Due to its close location to Calgary, the trail was fairly busy but not nearly as bad as prairie mountain (that being said it was Stampede week so even Prairie mountain wasn’t too busy). Of course with any low km trail, you should be expecting a steep incline, this was the case for powderface east ridge! Right from the car you basically walk straight up for 3km’s with a slight break in elevation right before the last section followed by a wide-open free for all up to the flag pole. In this last section I ask of you not to walk on the greenery, but to stay on the shall path as the trail isn’t as worn in and obvious here. 

My favourite thing about this trail (completed in mid-July) was the amazing meadows that had a wide variety of wildflowers! I imagine in August they will be in full bloom and absolutely breathtaking!! We stopped had a snack, a diaper change and took in this extremely scenic view.

The second thing I really liked about the trail is the skill level required. Anyone would be able to do this hike – that is if your cardio level is somewhat decent!! But even then, if you just take your time you will make it!

It was my first time in this area so I was very impressed by how easy the trailhead is to find as well as how many different trails lead up the same mountain (powerface) giving you many options! Each trail being “kid-friendly” I definitely felt safe bringing baby Sophie from the trail condition/difficulty to the amount of traffic.

I would recommend this for a quick day hike, first hike or for people wanting to get their kids out. Just make sure you pack lots of water and snacks!!

Written by: Leah Szucki


Images by Hannah Purkis

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