Troll Falls – Fun for the whole family (Nature Walk)

Kananaskis, AB T0L, Canada

Nature Walk
6.5 km round trip
100m elevation to upper falls
2 hours
Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring

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Well, this little trail was much better than I expected! I did this one about 5 years ago in the winter with snowshoes, so it was my first time in the summer. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful falls I have seen. Mostly because you can walk right up to and behind it! How cool is that?


This was the first place I suggested when my cousins said they wanted to go on a hike with there kids ( 6 and 4) due to its popularity and the high volume of bear activity this season, I thought it would be an excellent safe choice.

The trail is wide and easily marked. Once you cross the bridge you can head to the left to the lower falls or head up to the upper falls, adding a little elevation and distance to the trek. Parks has done a great job of adding signage and railing along the banks to help you through the trail.

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Not only is their couple waterfalls to catch, someone has made some pretty neat log teepees for the kids to run in. The fort-like features add to the trail to keep the kid’s interest. Not to mention the rock formed “troll” at the lower falls that gave the waterfall its name. Telling the kids they get to crawl into a Troll’s nose definitely got there feet moving!


It’s so important to expose your children to the great outdoors and finding trails like this one that is family-friendly, safe and fun is even better! Although it was a Thursday that we went, we still ran into about 20 different parties. So don’t expect to have a quiet day in the wilderness if you go on a weekend! The upside of this is if your worried about getting out due to bears and other wildlife you might encounter, this is the trail for you! Lots of noise and movement will keep everyone safe.

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Written by: Leah Szucki


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