David Thompson Resort

Written by: Leah Szucki


Planning to have a nice getaway but don’t feel like staying in a tent?  Well luckily for you David Thompson Resort has a few, recently renovated, beautiful cabins to rent. Offering a full kitchen, outside bbq, fire pit, king sized bed, pull out couch and massive showers! And yes. a toilet! Talk about luxury!

As you may or may not know, Nordegg/David Thompson highway if fairly limited to amenities, which is part of its charm of course.  Mostly catering to campers with tents and RV’s, this provincial land is free to use and open to whomever can find a spot.  However, if roughing it isn’t your thing – your only other option in the area is this resort.

David Thompson Resort offers a full gas service station, mini golf, yummy restaurant, gift shop, liquor store, laundry mat,  and even a wedding chapel!! You name it, they got it!

The location easily accessible and right on the highway.  Although none of the sites are lake front, its a short walk down to the lake with lots of pathways leading there. We had a nice after dinner walk down to the lake to let the dogs off leash for a swim.  There was some people have a beach fire just a bit further down from where we were and it looked as peaceful as can be.

In addition to the cabins, there are motel style rooms and RV/tent campsites available as well, hence the name “resort” – there  is a place for everyones adventure style!

Downside – cabins are not pet friendly, however are welcome outside.  This is the reason why we have not rented a cabin here before.   This time around, mom and dad stayed in a cabin, we enjoyed it during the day and slept with the dogs at the Nordegg hotel.  This hotel is only approximately  20 minutes away and will allow pets for a small fee.

Things to do during the days: Sifflieur falls, Cresent Falls, Allstone canyon, Kayaking (entering at the bighorn damn or cline river bridge), Coral Creek Canyon, Vision Quest hike, Tuff Puff hike, Windy Point hike, helicopter tours, horse back tours and fishing to name a few activities.

A book has been published called The David Thompson Highway and is an amazing resource for all the regions trails and can be purchased at the gift shop. (thanks mom for buying me one!!!)

For Reservations and inquiries click the link below for their direct site
David Thompson Resort

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