Expanse Cottages, Nordegg AB – Home away from home!

Written by: Leah Szucki


Although I have spent many days exploring the David Thompson area and many nights sleeping under the stars, this was my first experience lodging in the Nordegg area. I was immediately interested by the quaint charm and rustic cabin feel. This is exactly what we got. From the chocolates laid out on the pillowcase, warm fuzzy towels in the bathroom, to the wood-stove burning in the corner. The owners of the lodge have gone above and beyond to make you feel cozy and welcome during your stay.

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The weekend we chose to venture north, happened to be one of traditional Alberta cold snaps. Often referred to as the “ice dome” or “the deep freeze” with temperatures dropping to -45 Celsius. We didn’t let this stop us. Knowing activities are often limited in the winter, especially in remote areas like the Nordegg area, the lodge provided us with plenty of board game options, DVD’s to watch, a full kitchen with everything you need to cook delicious foods and most importantly ample wood for the wood stove and outdoor fire pit. Although we had to spend most the time inside the cabin, we kept our days busy with laughs and conversations, like the good old days!

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Eventually, we did make it outside to play around with the -40 temperatures, to do what every bored Canadian does in a polar vortex…. Throw boiling hot water into the air and watch it instantly freeze into what appears to be a magical ice crystal formation. It was great!


The next fun thing on the list! Methane bubbles at Abraham Lake. Although they’re a few good winter hikes and plenty of snowshoe trails in the area (information via books, brochures or the owners will be provided at check-in) we had Sophie and the weather was just too cold for her to be out for too long. So we took a little walk to find the bubbles across from Hoodoo Creek. Please remember to bring a pair of cleats, as the ice is… well ice. Not to mention the glacier formations that happen on the shoreline that you have to crawl over to even get to the frozen lake.


Overall I couldn’t be more impressed with our stay at Expanse Cottages everything was absolutely perfect. Mountain winter getaways are my absolute favourite thing. Winter fires, wine, lots of food and just exploring the area with good friends. If your looking to unplug and unwind (although there actually is great cell service and wifi LOL) this is the place for you.


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