Malign Lake

The beautiful and never disappointing Malign Lake!!!!!

This stunning lake offers lodging, fine dining, camping, dinner cruises and an all around great place to check out!

It takes about an hour to drive from Jasper and I think its worth the trip. There are lots of pull over spots, TONS wildlife and mountain views.

Although we go to catch world renoun brook and rainbow trout, there is so much for the lake to offer. Such as a lake cruise to spirit island, rent a kayak or canoe, eat dinner at the tea house, enjoy a nice picnic, a hike around the lake and many other trails the jet off to other hikes around the area (such as moose lake which I have a previous post about).

Just the drive in itself is worth it. Stopping off to see Malign canyon and enjoy all the wildlife you encounter on the way.

There is over night camping at the lake but it is only access by foot or boat. It usually books up a couple months in advance depending on the season, so make sure you look into it before you go. There are no campsites along the way, only day use. So make sure you plan accordingly – food/gas etc.

If you are planning on fishing, keep in mind this is a 24km lake. That is freaking huge. The few years we have gone we have yet to make it past the 5km mark due to high winds and not wanting to waste our boat battery. If you are keen on catching – look into hiring a local guide! They are extremely knowledgable and will get you there safety. This is a gas free lake and does require a national parks fishing license. They can be purchased at the highway 93 crossing, jasper information centre or (your best bet) On-Line Sport & Tackle Ltd they will point you in the right direction or set you up with everything you need to go including a guide, boat and/or gear!

I’ve attached the link to the Dinner boats, from the reviews its a very nice experience! Good for a date night or day!

Malign Lake Dinner Cruise – Brewsters



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